Indus Biotech, a large consumer health care products company in Pune, India recently wrote: “We have monitored toe performance closely for 2 months and have recorded energy saving varying between 5% and 7%. We are satisfied with the performance and highly recommend the use of Fitch Fuel Catalyst in other plant as well”

Letter of recommendation

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst has been awarded European Community (EC) certification as a technology that significantly reduces diesel consumption and harmful emissions.

The evaluation was overseen by Prof. B. Marinkovic, PHD at the University of Belgrade following evaluation procedures mandated by the EC. Fuel consumption was reduced by 8.4%, harmful emissions where reduced by 17% including particulates which dropped to near 0% with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst/

See Report

Cosmo Films Ltd. one of the largest film and coating manufacturers in India experiencing 5-7% reduction in fuel oil consumption on its’ Thermic Fuel Heater.

Letter of Recommendation

Tyson Foods Ltd. records a 13.5% reduction in fuel oil consumption

Tyson Foods Ltd. records a 13.5% reduction in fuel oil consumption, a 4.5% increase in efficiency and a 40% decrease in emissions at its food processing plant in Bangalore, India....more

Natural gas fired Serbian ceramics plant, Ceramic Kanjiza, records 5.3% reduction in fuel consumption using Fitch.

Letter of Recommendation 

Fishing Vessel Sees Large Fuel Savings

Energizing India

Ministry Of Power
Government of India

“Recently Northern Railway has done a test trial on 6DG Sets by having Fitch catalyst and those resulted in savings 6% of high speed diesel. Northern Railway has embarked 10 additional locations for which procurement of Fitch catalyst is in process”

Marico Ltd, a large international cosmetics manufacturer based in India, recently published the following in their annual report,

“Kanjikode Plant has achieved consistent in improvement in specific fuel consumption by .33 Ltrs/MT in FY 16-17. This led to overall savings of 7.5 KL of fuel”

“ Fitch Catalyst has been fixed in FO line to reduce specific fuel consumption. This has resulted in savings of .33Ltr/MT”  (An 8% reduction in fuel consumption)

Congratulations to the Comet Consulting Group

Comet Consulting Group, a European dealer for the  Fitch Fuel Catalyst based in Serbia, was recently awarded the “Top Energy 2017”  prize by the Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy.  

Comet was nominated for this award by the RTB Bor Group, a large Serbian mining conglomerate, which has been using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst on their open pit quarry trucks (see below) and recorded significant reductions in fuel consumption and emissions.

Mr. Ljubo Maćić, Pres.-Serbian Council of Energy, Goran Lazić,Gen.Mgr.-Comet Consulting Group, Mr. Aleksandar Antić,Minister-Serbian Mining and Energy Ministry, Mr. Tihomir Simic´ Phd. Chrm.- International Forum for Clean Energy Technologies.

Mr. Ljubo Maćić, Pres.-Serbian Council of Energy, Goran Lazić,Gen.Mgr.-Comet Consulting Group, Mr. Aleksandar Antić,Minister-Serbian Mining and Energy Ministry, Mr. Tihomir Simic´ Phd. Chrm.- International Forum for Clean Energy Technologies.

Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

Fitch Fuel Catalyst: Making Engines More Efficient

Maritime Propulsion

Fuel Catalyst Makes Engines More Efficient

More complete combustion means less fuel needed, as well as reduced maintenance and unscheduled downtime, cleaner injectors, cleaner piston crowns, cleaner firing tubes

Engines are designed to run on refinery grade fuel. At the time fuel is refined, it is at its purest state; however, it deteriorates rapidly as it oxidizes and is attacked by a host of organisms (bacteria, yeast, molds), that change the molecular structure of the fuel.
The Fitch Fuel Catalyst (FFC) reverses this natural aging process by inducing a chemical reaction using a patented metal alloy catalyst (not a liquid additive) that reforms diesel fuel, creating a more combustible, cleaner burning product as evidenced by the end-user comments presented in this document.
The Fitch technology reverses oxidization and promotes oxygenation of all carbon-based fuels. Oxidization begins the day a fuel is created and continues until the time it is combusted. Oxidization causes the fuel quality to deteriorate, reducing the amount of energy that can be produced and greater pollution and residue. Oxygenation takes place at combustion. By adding oxygen to the combustion process more energy is created meaning less fuel is needed to do the same work.
The 305 ft. fish processing vessel Golden Alaska, which first started using Fitch in 2014, closely monitors its fuel consumption at all times and reports an increase in fuel efficiency of 8.51 percent when using Fitch Fuel Catalyst to treat fuel.
In addition, “There has been a clear reduction in smoke and a significant reduction in carbon build up which translates into reduced engine maintenance and unscheduled downtime,” Mark Purdue, Chief Engineer, Golden Alaska Seafoods, LLC.
• energy • chemical reaction • cleaner burning product

Posted by Eric Haun

January 5, 2017

RTB Bor Group – Mining and Smelting Complex Bor.

Ul. Đorđa Vajferta br. 29

19210 Bor

To whom so ever it may concern

This is to certify that COMET Fuel Saving System,containing fuel reformer Fitch Fuel Catalyst, has been installed on vehicle BELAZ 75306 with engine Cummins QSK60-C (1715/2300 KW/HP) in the Copper mine "Veliki Krivelj" within the Copper Mine Bor. We tested the system for three months, the performance of COMET Fuel Saving system has been very good and about 7% saving achived.

We appreciate the green energy efforts of COMET Fuel Saving System, toward reducing the fuel consumption, black smoke and carbon emission.

In Bor 25.01.2017. The head of mining production

Anicic Nemanja, Graduated traffic engeneer

Fishing Vessel St. Jude

Just wanted to tell you how we were absolutely blown away with the fuel savings on the main engine once we were able to evaluate it. We see about a 15% reduction in our fuel consumption and that at slightly higher rpm = speed!

Thank you for persisting in convincing us to give it a try.

Best Wishes,

Joe Malley

F/V St. Jude

Joseph and Joyce Malley

Fishing Vessel St. Jude

Novi Sad Public Transportation System, Novi Sad, Serbia

Customer: Novi Sad - Public transport

Equipment: Volvo D9L (or D9P), power 228KW, torque 1400 Nm, 9.4-liter, E3-1

Duration of Evaluation: 8 months w 4 buses

Fitch Model: F100HDG Commercial Diesel In Line Unit

Results: Improved fuel efficiency of 14.67%

Data Collection Firm: Comet Consulting Group d.o.o.
ul. Pedje Milosavljevica 27/1, 11070 Novi Beograd, Srbija

Recommendation Letter

Corporation Trayal, Krusevac Serbia - Two Natural Gas Fired Boilers

Customer: Corporation Trayal, Serbia

Equipment: 2 Boilers – S1200 & S2000 Djuro Djakovi  Burners: Weishaupt Tip: RGMS 70/2 A-2M

Duration of Evaluation: 10 month Fitch Fuel Catalyst Model: FHD30-NG

Results: 6.2% fuel efficiency improvement & emissions reduction

Recommendation Letter

Fitch Fuel Catalyst: Going Green Pays Off

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst improves fuel efficiency by 5-12 percent, reducing pollutants and paying for itself many times over. According to the manufacturer, Advanced Power Systems Int’l, these benefits are being experienced by many hundreds of commercial ships and vessels operating around the world using its system, including the Golden Alaska and the Tri Marine Group.  Prior to installing the Fitch Fuel Catalyst on its 10 tuna seiners beginning in 2014, Tri Marine’s division in America Samoa commissioned three independent evaluations: a field test on the Cape Hatteras, a dyno test and a load bank test.  The group found a 5-8 percent improvement in fuel efficiency versus baseline.  The Golden Alaska, which first started using Fitch in 2014, closely monitors its fuel consumption at all times and reports an increase in fuel efficiency of 8.51 percent when using Fitch Fuel Catalyst to treat fuel.  In addition, there was a reduction in smoke and carbon buildup, which will translate into reduced engine maintenance and unscheduled downtime.

Posted by Eric Haun

Friday, May 06, 2016

File Golden Alaska (Photo: Advanced Power Systems International)

Golden Alaska (Photo: Advanced Power Systems International)

Oldcastle Materials

With over 400 locations, Oldcastle Materials Inc. is the largest asphalt processor in the US. They recently installed Fitch technology on another plant in their system recording a 15% reduction in oil consumption. As important, they significantly reduced carbon build up which is the source of maintenance problems and unscheduled downtime. Unscheduled downtime means lost sales as their customers turn to competitors to meet their daily asphalt needs.


Sarajevo, Bosnia

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is in use in a number of facilities throughout Bosnia. The most recent installation resulted in a 16.1% decrease in oil consumption, “Visual Inspection showed that the flame resulting from combustion of Fitch treated fuel is much brighter and cleaner visually, without commotion traces of particles within it.”

Prides Corner Farms

Prides Corner Farms

Prides Corner Farms, a large plant and flower wholesaler with 220 heated greenhouses within the Ohio Maine Virginia triangle, has begun a program of outfitting all of it’s oil fired boilers and furnaces with Fitch technology. To date 15 oil fired boilers have had Fitch installed with fuel consumption reduced by at least 20%. 


Agrosuper-Santaigo Chile

Agrosuper, a large meat processing company in Santiago, Chile, recently installed Fitch at it’s natural gas fired meat processing facility in Santiago. This plant runs 24 hours/day, 6 days a week and consumed 600 cu. meters or 21 MCF of gas/ hour. Over the first month they recorded a 5% decrease in consumption. 



At the recommendation of Johnson Controls, Inc. the Arlington Central School District in Duchess County, NY installed Fitch Fuel Catalysts on another 10 boilers servicing schools in the district.


Fitch in the Pacific

In addition to the several hundred Pacific Ocean based commercial fishing vessels using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst can be found on dozens of diesel or oil powered land based installations through out the Pacific Ocean, These range from commercial fish processing plant to luxury hotels. One example is the Amanpulo Resort which has been using Fitch for 6 years on the three generators which supply all the resorts electricity. 

The resort has recorded a 13.5% decrease in diesel consumption. Equally important they’ve reduced harmful emissions by a commensurate amount. This is critically important to the 100’s of low lying islands in the Pacific all of whom are threatened by rising sea levels particularly along their coasts. 


031515 Cape Anne New ship-image1.jpg

Tri Marine Launches State of the Art Purse Seiner with Fitch on Board

Tri Marine Group recently launched it’s  newest purse seiner, the state of the art Cape Ann with 2FHD 10’s ( Fitch units which reformulate the diesel fuel flowing at a rate of 10 gallon per minute) at the shipyard. The 262 ft. Cape Ann was built at the Armon Gijon shipyard in Gijon, Spain and will sail out of Pago Pago, American Samoa.


SL Green Realty Corp. Purchases and Installs Fitch on all their Oil Fired Buildings

SL Green Reality Corp., the largest commercial landlord in the New York Metropolitan area, has purchased and installed Fitch Fuel Catalysts in all of the oil fired buildings they own or manage. SL Green Realty Corp. owns or manages over 25 million square feet of commercial space in the New York  metropolitan area.


New York City Police Department Begins Fitch Technology Installation Program

The New York Police Department has begun a program of outfitting it’s oil fired precincts and buildings with Fitch technology.


Tata Industries Continues a Program of Outfitting It’s Diesel Locomotives with Fitch

Tata Industries one of India’s largest conglomerates continues to outfit diesel locomotives used in switching yards  at various steel mills it owns . 
Advanced Power Systems International has a long history in the commercial marketplaces in India. For instance, Fitch is used by Vodaphone Group PLC on over 1,400 stationary generators powering cell phone towers throughout India. 


Global Ocean Health Recommends Fitch to Commercial Fishing Fleets

Global Ocean Health, a non-profit seeking to combat acidification of the oceans caused by carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels, recently began to recommend the Fitch Fuel Catalyst to commercial fishing vessel owners and seafood processors.


Performance Plus Magazine Recommends Fitch

“You might not be familiar with this small canister but it’s a Fitch Fuel Catalyst system. I have used one in the past with great results on a stroker 4.6L six cylinder I built a few years ago. The engine produced lower emissions and increased fuel economy (go ahead, call it voodoo but I have the Air Care results to prove it)" Read more


Firms Turning Fuel Into Funds for Building Owners 

- Real Estate Weekly, September 3, 2014

Consulting engineers, Walter T. Gorman PE, PC reviewed the product and recommended that it be “incorporated into your buildings energy and emissions reduction plans.”

“The technology rejuvenates and preserves fuel in storage or just prior to use insuring premium fuel quality and optimum combustion and energy yield,” writes Gorman. “The results are increases in fuel economy, fuel quality, and heat output as well as reductions in emissions and equipment maintenance.”

Jeffrey Gural, the chairman of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, gave the converter a test run on a sample of the firm’s properties during the winter of 2011 and after a successful trial, made plans to outfit all of the firm’s oil-heated properties by 2014.

Already approved by the New York City Building Department and currently installed in over 900 properties throughout the city, the converters are expected to deliver a 7 percent reduction in fuel usage per year. Read more