Win Fitzpatrick, President: Win is a private investor. Prior to joining APSI in June 2013, Win spent the bulk of his career in the financial services business serving on the board and/or holding senior executive positions in various organizations. Win has an MBA and a law degree.



Chris Wright, Chief Operation Officer, Co-Founder: Chris co-founded APSI in 1989. Among Chris’s many responsibilities Chris oversees marketing and sales to various commercial market places throughout the world. Prior to joining APSI was Director of Marketing for Duracell, Inc. and a senior executive with Sonnenscien Batteries, Inc. Chris was trained as an engineer.


Nora Murphy, Chief Administrative Officer: Nora joined APSI in 1994. In addition to her administrative responsibilities Nora oversees marketing to the automotive and recreational vehicle markets. Nora is a gear head and was an avid motorcycle drag racer until the birth of her first child. Prior to joining APSI, Nora was a manager in the New Hartford CT School System.