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The Fitch® Fuel Catalyst:

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Warranted for 250,000 miles, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst reformulates gasoline, Ethanol fuels or 2 stroke mixtures into a superior quality fuel, allowing your recreational vehicle engine to extract the maximum horsepower, torque and efficiency.

The F5T is recommended for all brands of motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV’s and jet ski’s with: gas tanks of 12 gallons or less, 150 hp or less, and without a backbone in the fuel tank

NOTE: Aggressive competitors who run fuel below 1/8 tank of fuel should pre-treat fuel in can and pour treated fuel in machine instead of dropping the unit into the fuel tank or use the F5S.

The F5TS is recommended for motorcycles with a backbone common in custom bikes and Yamaha Warriors 

The F5T-1 is recommended for smaller engines found on mopeds or scooters that generate a maximum of 25 hp with gas tanks of 5 gallons or less.  



Horsepower TV (Dyno Test begins at 11 minute mark)


"We weren't sure whether to call the Fitch Fuel Catalyst a mileage enhancer, emissions reducer, power improver, or fuel stabilizer. It's really all of the above. Our daily driver improved from 25 to 27.9 mpg. [That is an improvement of 11.6 % in fuel economy.]" Read more


"After installing the Fitch Fuel Catalyst we picked up almost 3 mpg and there were other benefits such as reduced emissions, more power. Also with the Fitch there is no more need for stabilizers in Jeeps that are stored for part of the year.
[Improvement: 2.7 mpg, Percent Gained 19.57%]” Read more


"At first, we were hesitant to dropping some "magic pellets" into our truck's fuel tank, but we figured we had nothing to lose. We were also skeptical to the claims that we would improve our fuel economy by as little as 1.5 to 2 mpg, but, to our surprise, we ended up getting a 2.5 mpg improvement (An increase of 18.9%). Considering that our test vehicle has over 85,000 miles on a 7.4L TMI engine, the results were well worth the $175.00 price tag." Read more 



 "Hot Rod Magazine recently filmed a test of the FFC that ran on Speedvision TV for two weeks. Terry McGean, a technical editor for Hot Rod Magazine installed an FFC on an '86 Mustang GT. With the help of Mark Childers, an instructor at the Universal Technical Institute, the Mustang was base lined on a dynomometer using a state of the art 5 gas analyzer. After installation of an FFC, Hydrocarbon (HC) emissions decreased by 39.26 % to 99 parts per million. This means more energy was being extracted from the fuel after installation thus increasing power and fuel efficiency with less unused fuel (HC) coming out of the tailpipe.”

Hot Rod Bikes Billy Bartels

"Over the course of a couple of weeks average fuel economy went from 27 mpg (city driving) before the test to 33 [That is a 22% increase in fuel efficiency. ]” Read more

Iron Works Tom Johnson 

Fitch Fuel Catalyst-Easy Horsepower for your V-Twin (FRONT COVER OF ISSUE) 

"Tom Johnson recently dyno tested the Fitch Fuel Catalyst (FFC) on a 1994 Ultra Classic using a DynoJet 150 kindly provided by S & S Cycles, Inc. Below are some of the quotes from his 6 page article which IronWorks featured on its cover. 

The test "showed an increase of 1.4 hp/1.2 ft lbs.at peak power (6200 rpm) with a gain of almost 3.5 hp at 5500 rpm." "In an engine that has been optimized through careful tuning, gaining three horsepower, even two horsepower, is big news, cause for celebration"  

Further, the graphs showed that the engine was reaching some horsepower and torque figures as much as 500rpm sooner with the catalyst than without it. For me that translates to 'faster quicker'." 

"Still not convinced that I was convinced? Back home after the dyno test I immediately lined up FFC's for my knucklehead stroker and '40 Ford hot rod."

Iron Works

"...using a fuel-injected TC88B (Heritage Softail Springer). Initially our test bike averaged about 38 mpg without the pellets. After running through a couple tanks with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, the Heritage's fuel economy rose to nearly 42 mpg "

"...our friend Sam Martin (owner of Mount Up Cycles in Ether, NC) sent us word recounting his experience using Fitch with his '72 Shovelhead engine. Sam's engine has a 94-inch stroker kit with a Thunder jet on an S & S "B" carb. The Fitch Fuel pellets allowed Sam to drop the S & S carb's jetting from 82 down to 80 main, and he lowered the primary (pilot) jet from 35 to 31." 

Iron Works  

"If all this sounds too good to be true, we found the greatest advantage of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst to be its ability to stabilize fuel" 

Iron Works  

"Our most recent experience with the Fitch fuel treatment was with our 88 cubic inch Shovelhead engine that Kinetic Engines built for our '81 Rubber Glide FLT. Simply by adding Fitch to the stew, we gained two horsepower at the rear wheel, improving from 77.6 to 79.6 at 5,600 rpm. " 

Easy Rider 

Talking Tech 

"I tried the Fitch Fuel Catalyst on an EVO that has way more compression than it should. With Fitch the knock has all but disappeared under normal riding conditions. I left the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in a tank of gas that sat for over a year. Before starting the bike I popped the cap to smell the gas expecting the flat, varnish smell you usually get with old gas, but it smelled like it had just come from the pump. I believe the Fitch Fuel Catalyst lives up to at least two of the manufacturers claims.”

Canadian Biker Magazine Chuck Murray Report

Market place 

"...I do know that the fuel problem that I was having cleared up after a tank of fuel and my gas mileage has improved since the installation of the Fitch.....Where else can you find that kind of horsepower, torque and fuel economy for that kind of money?" 

Snow Tech Magazine

"All you do is drop the unit into your gas tank, and walk away. Stale gas and plugged jets are a thing of the past.” Read more

Snow Tech Magazine  

"We have been using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in most every gasoline powered engine we own. We continue to experience nothing but fresh fuel and an elimination of fuel related problems with all of our seasonal equipment. Year after year, no green crap, no varnish, no gum, and the gas acts like it is still premium grade. Even after six months the fuel does not go stale, it actually seems to get better. Think of the Fitch as a 'Fuel Sentry' bacteria inhibitor, octane booster, and fuel stabilizer all in one."  Read more

Snow Tech Magazine  

"We're impressed with our experience with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. On a good warm day air cooled four strokes used to ping when loaded hard. The Fitch really makes a difference. They run clean and don't ping at all.

 A number of readers have inquired about our ongoing experiences with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. We have used the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in a variety of gas powered machines from lawn mowers to snow blowers, ATV's, and dirtbikes including every gas can on site. We can tell our readers that every single engine this has been used in has started right up after several months of storage, and we have experienced zero fuel related issues. No foul smelling gas, no gummy carbs, no-fuel related problems whatsoever. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst keeps fuel at its optimal state." Read more

Hot Bike Magazine

testing fitch fuel catalyst  

"...an immediate increase in fuel mileage and a smoother idling motor on the Titan motorcycle. ?The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is one of the best values in performance increases available today!" Read more

Hot Rod Bikes - Jeff Ocascy, Jeff Deaney, Tony Frey 

"We have tried the Fitch Fuel Catalyst many times and it really makes a difference. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst cured a hot weather detonation problem on our Buell Cyclone. Throttle response is more crisp. Fuel economy went from 120mpt (miles per 4gal tank) to 137mpt. 4+ more miles per gallon or over 10% more miles per dollar.” Read more

Canadian Biker - Len Creed, Publisher

"My bike is running just that much better with a Fitch Fuel Catalyst, supplied by PM Cycles Ltd. in Nova Scotia, just love that extra mileage! 
[Comments after using the Fitch in his bike on his cross country run from coast to coast.]”

Gold Wing Touring News-Mark Hornstein Canadian Biker - Len Creed, Publisher

"Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a product that really works as claimed" Read more

Road and Rider Magazine - Lee Taylor                               

"I purchased a used Venture Royale several months ago in anticipation of a long anticipated cross country trip. When first riding my Venture, I was getting around 40 miles per gallon driving mostly 55 or a little under. I put in a Fitch Fuel Catalyst and after about 400 miles, rechecked my mileage and was consistently getting 50 miles per gallon at the same speeds. 

Before leaving for my "Big Trip," my brother and I rode to Bike week at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and I had him put Fitch in his Yamaha 650 V Star. His normal mileage was 50 or so, but after driving to the Beach and around locally for a week, he got 60 miles per gallon coming home. 

We have both put Fitch in our SUVs, and have noticed an improvement, but not as dramatic as the bikes. Here we noticed 5% improvement both in and out of town driving. 

I do not care what the Rags are telling you, our cars and bikes think this stuff helps and I am not going to tell them otherwise. 

See more reviews like this at the Road & Rider Motorcycle Riders Forum Please direct any questions, comments, feedback or submissions to: info@roadandrider.com"



"I've been using the Fitch Catalyst in both my Harley and Bass Boat for several years now and the benefits are incredible. First with the Harley its a 1992 FXR and I have had the Fitch system in it for 6 or 7 years. It has improved my performance and fuel mileage of the bike. The boat was a Ranger R72 Bass Boat and its been about the same time frame for it. Now with the New Ranger 2013 Z119 I have also added the Fitch system to it and again better fuel mileage and performance. The most important thing with both the bike and boat is this time of year. As winter approaches and most of us that have boats, bikes or other water craft have to start thinking about winter storage its several hundred dollars to get these things winterized. Well with the Fitch Catalyst System you do not have to worry about using stabile in the fuel system. Simply store your boat, bike or whatever and it will be fine come spring time. I've done this for years now and never had a problem thanks to Fitch. I would highly recommend there products to anyone who has to store there toys for the winter. For once a company has put out a product that does what they say it can do!"

- Sgt. Joe "Sarge" Kowalski Jr.  USMC 80-93  Co- Host -  American Hero Experience NBC Sports Network  President and Founder - Maj. Steven Roy Andrews Fishing Outreach Program Inc.  Host and Founder- The Biker Report on WCCC 106.9FM

"A 2000 V92C with turn-out exhaust and chip, no other modifications.  Stock baseline after T.P.S. adjustment then with no other changes except Fitch Fuel Catalyst dropped into gas tank.  $50 worth of drop in power that lasts for thousands of miles."                   

- Gateway Motorsports Dyno Services, NY

"2001 M2L Buell which resulted in a 3.5 HP gain with Fitch. Having the newly treated Fitch fuel also allowed us to adjust the carburetors to tweak another 3.4 HP for a total of 6.9 HP."                   

- Harley Davidson of Edison, NJ

“The best advice I can give is get this product in your store, use it yourself, inform your customers.  Your store will be able to sell this product, and I would be happy to talk to anyone about our history with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst”

- Aurora Honda, Aurora, CO

“On 600 CC Ski-Doo and Yamaha Snowmobiles, we realized more power and smoother running throughout the whole power band, a top increase of 5-8%, and noticeable decrease in exhaust deposits left in the snow by the idling snowmobiles!”                      

- Jessica Lake Lodge/High Performance Industries

“I've been working on sleds for 30+ years and know that any sled that sits for a year or more with untreated fuel in it, is always a smelly disaster, carbs full of green slime, fuel lines hard and brittle, gas in the tank in nasty condition. Knowing how good your fuel capsules work, I was totally amazed at the condition of this sled's fuel system after sitting for SIX YEARS without a hint of grime, totally amazed indeed.”

- Precision Cycle East, CT

“As the service manager of a highly motivated Harley Davidson Dealership I see a lot of new products.  It’s part of my job.  Rarely do I find a product that exceeds my expectations.  Fitch has clearly proved itself to me.  I use it, sell it, and recommend it to anyone that uses a machine that burns gasoline!”

- Bill Burris, Gutteridge Harley Davidson, IL

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