** Reduce Your Heating Oil Bill This Winter **

If your home or building is 4,000 sq. ft or less you can save 10% or more on your fuel oil bill this year and for 9 years afterwards with the Fitch HO2 UL.

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The Fitch® Fuel Catalyst:



  • REDUCES HARMFUL EMISSIONS (Keeping air quality better for operators)

  • INCREASES FUEL ECONOMY (tank of gas or diesel lasts longer)





Warranted for 5,000 operating hours, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst reformulates fuel, allowing outdoor power equipment to run longer, do more jobs, keeps fuel from going stale, and substantially reduces the harmful emissions workers breathe during machine operation.

The F2T is recommended for all brands or models of handheld power equipment including weedwackers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers. Maximum 3.5 hp and 1 gallon fuel tank . 

We recommend the F4T for all brands and models of walk behind equipment including lawnmowers, small generators, snowblowers, power washers, tractors, and go-carts.  Engines from 3.5 HP to 25 hp and a maximum of a 5 gallon fuel tank (diesel up to 4 gallons). 

The F5T is ideal for larger equipment with diesel engines producing 26-75 hp and with fuel tanks of 6-12 gallons.



Outdoor Power Equipment Trade  

"Fitch Fuel Catalyst improves starting, fuel economy and power while reducing smoke, plug fowling and emissions." Read more



"I have been using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst for several years on all my equipment from Echo weed-eaters and 20 hp Scag walk-behinds to a 50 hp Kubota.  The results have been excellent – power is up, smoke is down, my fuel economy has improved as much as 30% and the cost of engine maintenance has been reduced by half.  This product quickly paid for itself and I strongly recommend it to anyone in the business."

- Fran Hodges, President, RRR Maintenance, 40 years in the commercial landscape business

“In the 9 years that I've owned my lawnmower it has always started on the second or third pull of the starter cord.  I never gave it a thought that the gas in the 5 gallon can was a problem; I always treated it with fuel stabilizer (5 gallons would last almost all summer).  I recently dropped a Fitch Fuel Catalyst cell into the gas can.  After running the first tank of treated fuel, the mower starts on the first pull every time!  Nothing else has changed.  I have to attribute the ease of starting to using fuel treated with the Fitch Fuel Catalyst”

- Bob Scarchilli scarchilli@attbi.com, Nashua, NH

“After using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in one of our 2-cycle mixture mowers, we noticed some pleasing differences.  The mix seemed to burn more efficiently, with a decrease of 15-20% in fuel consumption.  The fumes that our operators have complained about burning their eyes and making breathing difficult were effectively eliminated.”

- Peter M. Rice, Owner, Rice Landscaping, Spencer, NY

 “I have been using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst in my Arien’s lawnmower since 1996.  I am constantly amazed at how clean the exhaust from the lawn mower has become since using the catalyst…. The lawn mower has never run so clean, even when it was new.  The transformation of my lawn mower into a clean running machine is absolutely amazing.”

- A.Port, CPA, Port & Company, East Syracuse, NY

“I placed it in a new 61” Scag riding mower with a Kohler 20 hp twin cylinder engine that always emitted a cloud of acrid black smoke whenever it was started cold.  I waited 1-1/2 days after installing the Fitch before starting the engine again and I couldn’t believe the change made to the exhaust gases.  The smoke problem was corrected and the mower started much easier and ran smoother.”

- C.Richard Tate, President, Tate Equipment, Inc., Horseheads, NY

“It’s been years since we were introduced to the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. At first we were skeptical about the product, as you might have guessed but after trying it personally in my 90 HP OMC outboard motor that contained 10 gallons of old fuel, I was convinced it was real. The smoke stopped, the engine started easier and it ran quieter. Hard to believe especially with almost 2 year old fuel! Since that time we have been actively promoting it to all of our commercial and retail customers. 

More and more they are returning to purchase additional units, many of them for their own cars and trucks. All of our customers report that the product has kept their equipment running in top shape, it’s easier to start, smoke and fumes are less and they are using less fuel. We are very satisfied with the product, both from a sales standpoint and from the fact that it really does live up to all its’ claims and makes our customers happy.” 
- Skip’s Sarasota Chainsaw & Outdoor Equipment, Sarasota, FL

"I use Fitch in my mower, weedeater, garden tiller, in my gas cans my jeep.  It is a great product.  I use way less fuel when mowing and weedeating.  Don't concern myself  when storing fuel over the winter.  I will always use FFC and promote your product to others."

- P. MOORE, Englishtown, NJ

”I first heard about and bought your product for my 26 horse riding mower.  This was about 7 or 8 years ago. It worked great, no more adding additive every few months. After hurricane Katrina I bought more from you over the internet. I put it in both of my generators. That was almost 4 years ago. I have just come inside from starting them up. Both have the same gas in them from 4 years ago. The small one started first pull. The larger one started on about the 3rd rev. of the electric starter. Your product does what it says on gas consumption also.  THANKS for a great product!”
- J. Odom, Covington, LA

“I have Fitch Fuel cat.in 3 motorcycles, truck, lawn tractor, snow blower, chainsaw, grass trimmer, & have it also in all the gas cans for these machines. It does what it says. All machines set in the winter but truck and snow blower set in the summer. I have not had a problem starting and maintaining any of my equipment. This product is well worth the money.” 
- F. Mccain, Buffalo, NY

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