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The Fitch® Fuel Catalyst:










Validated by university research, performance tests performed by independent test facilities, independent engineering firms using ASTM protocols, independent publications and our customers, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst reformulates your fuel causing the treated fuel to burn more efficiently. This produces the ultimate performance from any engine while generating minimal emissions. Because Fitch boosts octane, this allows engines requiring premium fuel to operate on a lower grade fuel without sacrificing any performance. Fitch offers an easy to install "bolt-on" DIY kit or a drop in tank application.

Because combustion is more complete less carbon residue is formed fowling the oil, and dirtying injectors, carburetors and plugs. Lubricity is also dramatically improved meaning less wear on your engine.

The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is a maintenance free device warranted for 250,000 miles.  It is easily installed in the fuel line much like a fuel filter, either using OEM SAE or SLC quick connect fittings or, for those vehicles without quick connect fittings and out of warranty, by splicing the Fitch unit into the fuel line. For pre 1980 “classic” vehicles installation of a Fitch is as simple as dropping the “drop in” cartridges directly into the fuel tank through the filler line.


Nora, from Advanced Power Systems, makers of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst, talks to us about her product. We hear about the benefits of installing a Fitch unit onto your truck or SUV, how easy it is to install, the great fuel mileage (fuel economy) gains and what the warranty is (250K!!)



performance plus

“You might not be familiar with this small canister but it’s a Fitch Fuel Catalyst system. I have used one in the past with great results on a stroker 4.6L six cylinder I built a few years ago. The engine produced lower emissions and increased fuel economy (go ahead, call voodoo but I have the Air Care results to prove it)." Read more

American Homeowner

Automotive Section of website 

"After several months of hands-on testing, the Fitch Fuel Catalyst has made a noticeable improvement in our test engines, and we have no reservations about strongly endorsing it's use in anything that uses gasoline -- this is a product that really works and couldn't be easier to install.“

Musclecarblog.com & Truckblog.com  

"With fuel economy being first and foremost on the minds of most Americans, it's easy to be caught up in the bolt-on modifications that claim to get better fuel mileage. When we added the Fitch Fuel Catalyst to Muscle Car Blog's Project "Pony Up", an 07 Ford Mustang GT, we found something that actually boosted our project vehicles average highway mileage from 24 to 27 miles per gallon, which is outstanding for a high performance muscle car. "We noticed an audible change in the vehicle's idle within 20 seconds of the initial startup that could only be described as smoothing out.” Read more

Classic Truck  

Instant Gratification

 "...throttle response improved and I was able to pull the hill 4 or 5 mph faster and I picked up nearly 4 miles per gallon on my 302 Ford… "

City of York Council UK 

"The Council reports fuel consumption improvement and emissions reduction through use of Fitch Fuel Catalyst.

Tests run by City of York Council, have shown the Fitch Fuel Catalyst cuts the release of nitrogen oxides by 32 per cent, and of hydrocarbons by 90 per cent when fitted to a Vauxhall Vectra car and driven for 5,500 miles. This demonstrated that the Fitch could have a drastic positive impact in the city air quality and has encouraged transport chiefs who are seeking to cut pollution levels.

The council's sustainable development officer who supervised the tests, said: "As well as reducing the amount of traffic on our roads, we need to clean up the traffic that remains. The Fitch unit we tested performed very well in this respect and we measured a decrease in fuel consumption. We estimate that over the 5,500 mile test, 290kg of carbon dioxide was saved from entering the atmosphere and causing global warming. Drivers must take responsibility for the damage they cause to the environment by reducing their car use and producing less pollution. Exhaust emissions are a blight on the health and well-being of the city and we all have a responsibility to cut them." 

The point of the tests was to show how much people can do to cut pollution, said Mr Saxby. " 



I was initially skeptical of the claims, but I bought one with hope. Was extremely easy to install (about 20 min). I drive a full size Chevy truck. If I keep my foot out of the throttle, on the highway, I see about a 3-mpg increase (not much in the city). When I put my foot in the throttle, there is a noticeable increase in power. Also, my idle has never been so smooth."

- Joshua (Alsip, IL) 2008 Chevy Avalanche July 27, 2013

"This is an awesome product, it was very easy to install.  I noticed better gas mileage right after I installed it.  I will recommend this product."

- Conrad B (KITTERY, ME) 2007 Dodge Ram — Feb 19, 2013

"Have used for years. Mileage increases with use. MX5's have problem with pre-detonation. Never happens with Fitch treated fuel. I even ran 87 octane with no "Ping". With no pinging, cam and ignition timing stay advanced improving performance."

- Thom F (Rockford, IL) 2007 Mazda Miata/MX-5 — Apr 18, 2012

"I am a long time and firm believer in Fitch. Been using the pellet type for years now. Read all the hype and one day just decided to order some and try it for myself. It works so well I have hundreds and hundreds of dollars of these things in use right now in all manner of fossil fuel burning items, although this is the first time I've ever ordered this canister type for a vehicle.

I don't look at Fitch as a mileage thing. To me, it's simply a "best fuel you can possibly burn" kind of thing. I'm sure there's some extra mileage in there somewhere, but what I like is looking at the exhaust of all my stuff (lawn mowers, generator, snowmobiles, kerosene heaters, weed whackers, my truck, etc.) and seeing CLEAN mufflers and CLEAN burning kerosene heaters and CLEAN tailpipes, as well as CLEAN carbs and CLEAN fuel injectors. 

Was talking with a good friend of mine a few years back about Fitch. I took him into my garage and showed him the business end of my kerosene space heater (the kind that looks like a jet engine). His exact words upon seeing my totally clean kerosene heater that I use as my sole source of heat in the garage during the winter was, and I quote, "Holy sh**!" :) Needless to say the man is a Fitch man, today. :)

If the fuel is burning so much cleaner with Fitch than without it you just know you're squeezing every ounce of energy from whatever it is you're burning. :)"

- Kelly Y (Readfield, ME) 1998 Dodge Ram — Apr 11, 2012

"I admit that I’m jaded when it comes to fuel additives, boosters, and whiz-bang mechanical devices that claim to increase fuel burn efficiency. Sometimes, though, a product works as-advertised. Fitch Fuel Catalyst announced a recently published report from the University of Connecticut Research Institute:

“We have completed a series of experiments studying and measuring the ability of a novel catalyst to constructively modify commercial gasoline and diesel fuel. This catalyst has the ability to selectively remove hydrogen and or add oxygen to hydrocarbon components of fuel. The catalyst demonstrated the ability to produce reformed fuel species at room temperature which is novel and provides evidence these catalysts are broadly applicable in fuel applications”, including automotive. This catalytic effect “leads to enhanced combustion from the hydrocarbon fuel feedstock.”

This catalyst is marketed under the brand names Fitch Fuel Catalyst. UConn research was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.

This works. Automotive consumer magazines report 1 to 2.5 mpg fuel savings are a direct result of using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst. For further information call 888-881-2774 or go to www.fitchcatalyst.com"

- Phil Howell, Editor-in-Chief, FourWheeler Magazine - September 10th 2013

“Hello, I am the guy who drove up to your location when I couldn’t get my Fitch in line unit to fit properly on my 06 Toyota Tacoma and you assisted me with the installation. Thank you for the help.  I wanted to give you an update on my Fitch experiences so far. I drove to SC shortly after you installed the Fitch unit onto my truck. It averaged 20.3mpg at 70 with AC on the way there and the way home driving 70 with AC, it averaged 22.9 and has since stayed at that improvement. I dropped units into my Volvo that averaged 17.3 before Fitch and now is at 19.8.  My last Fitch experience is my Harley, I dropped the F5T in and now it starts right up with no coughing through the carburetor as it did prior to installing Fitch. Thanks.”

PS. this order is for my diesel generator.

- Richard Shockley stroken52@msn.com

“Before I started using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst the car ran pretty good but kind of flat. After installing the product the car not only ran cleaner but it was a lot crisper and better engine power when braking and coming out of the corners. This product changed the life of my race car enough to win "Rookie of the Year"!! All I can say is BUY FITCH!! It could change your life!”

- Jeff  DeCoffe -  Legends Car Racer, "ROOKIE OF THE YEAR 2001" 

“I drove my 1999 GMC 5.7 litre Yukon almost 3000 kms. and ½ of this distance was with a loaded trailer. The difference compared to my last trip with which was identical, was a savings of approximately $250 in fuel cost as well as an increase in mileage of 5 mpg on average. I was impressed and satisfied with this purchase. Fitch will pay for itself in a very short time. I am very interested in becoming a dealer installer. I am at this time selling the service side of my business to my partner. I am going focus my full time on electronic services and training as well as products for efficiency and fuel savings like Fitch.  I have to say, I am impressed.  I will be in touch in the next month to discuss my interests further.”

- Adrian Vander Graaf - Cutting Edge Automotive Technologies Inc.

“It is all too often a person is quick to tell or complain of a product that they are unhappy with.  People expect a product to do what it claims, so when it does it is not big news.  Your product on the other hand, is big news. My son gave me a F6T for my 1996 Subaru Outback for father’s day.  My son told me he would install this kit and it would make my car run better.  The installation took about 10 minutes and he told me I should expect to see better gas mileage.  The car is only driven 6-7k miles a year so the gas sometimes sits in the tank for a while.  Due to the fact that the gas sits for long periods of time, and that I run 87 octane, the car sometimes has a pinging problem. I am very happy to say that on my 2nd tank of fuel with Fitch, the gas mileage went from 16.5 mpg to just over 18 mpg.  My 3rd and 4th tanks have been over 20 mpg and the pinging problem is now gone.  I have also noticed the car starts and runs better even after sitting for weeks.  I am going to purchase Fitch for my farm equipment and my diesel truck and will recommend Fitch to everyone I know. Thanks for a great product!”

- Michael A. Murphy, CT

"Due to my type of work, I drive a lot. I have a Mercedes SUV, which was not giving me very good mileage. For instance, it would take me ½ tank to drive from Broward to Miami. Well, after installing the Fitch in my vehicle, I am amazed to say that I went 10 days with 1 tank of gas! Also even more importantly I feel good that I am now reducing pollution and by purchasing from Krystal Planet I am helping to reduce our dependence on foreign oil which will help to make this a better planet for my children and their children."

- Judy, Owner/Consultant Of Franchise Finders       

“We installed an F200 catalyst into our Rav 4, 2wd, 2003 the day before our road trip to the keys. We did not have to refuel until after 5 days and obtained around 50 extra miles. We traveled over 300 miles in that trip. Today after 3 months, I consistently receive 50 miles (city + 1 day long distance commute) to 80 extra miles (city w/ 3 days long distance commute). So far, we are very happy with the results and are going to install a catalyst in our other vehicle.”

- Adriana Sanchez Gomez, (FL) Founder and CEO~ Energy Consultants. 

"I have an older model Chrysler Concorde with a 3.5 liter high performance engine that has never ran well on anything but 91 Octane or greater. I have tried using the cheaper 87 Octane fuel several times and it caused 'engine knock' and 'engine run on' which made the car sound like a diesel! After installing the drop in Fitch Fuel Catalyst I decided to try the 87 Octane fuel again just to see what happened. Amazing is all I can say! I wish that someone had sold me Fitch 10 years ago, I calculated the savings and it would have been over $ 1500.00 in savings for my $ 149.00 investment. Now I am getting better gas mileage and saving 20 cents per gallon just by being able to use the cheaper fuel." 

- Jeff Eagle (KS), US Navy Submarine Force, Ret

“I’d like to take this opportunity to inform you of my experience with your Fitch product.  I own a 1994, Ford F250 with a 351 engine.  I was introduced to your product by one of your staff and decided to buy Fitch for my truck about 8 months ago.  I don’t have the time to maintain my truck the way it should be because it is extremely difficult to get it in for service due to the lack of time in my schedule running my own construction company.  I installed Fitch into both tanks hoping to see my truck would run a bit stronger and it would help keep the oil cleaner in between changes.  Over the course of time that I have had Fitch in my truck I have gone from averaging 11.2 mpg to now averaging 12.5 – 13 mpg and that is with my truck completely loaded with ladders and equipment.  I have been able to drop from using 89 octane to 87 now and without any pinging and knocking which the truck had experienced in the past if I used a lower grade of fuel.  But I have to say the best results I have noticed were recently.  I was contracted to do a roofing job in Cape Cod, MA in September.  This is about a 250 mile haul for me one way.  I decided it would be a good idea to at least change my oil before going since it had been just over 11,000 miles since my last oil change.  Much to my surprise the oil in my truck was absolutely spotless even with this kind of mileage on it.  I could not believe it.  

- Tom – Owner – Royal Construction, West Cornwall, CT

”Sorry for the delay in writing. As we discussed in our phone conversation the installation of the new direct connection system worked fast and easy. Since the installation on my 2002 Ram 1500 I have seen an improvement of 1/2 to 3/4 MPG depending on driving conditions. On a trip to Vermont a couple of weeks ago I averaged almost 16 MPG. The highest mileage yet. The highest MPG I received prior to the installation was around 14.5. The main way of telling it works is the idle speed. The idle speed prior to installation was 900 RPM, after the installation the idle speed was 700 RPM. People are skeptical about the catalyst when I tell them about it but I have seen the results. I also notice that the oil is cleaner when it is changed. Those that have tried it are surprised that it does indeed increase their MPG. Thanks for the assistance in getting me the new installation connections.”

- Ed Valente

“Well after 1500 miles in my '65 mustang and numerous carburetor adjustments, your product seems to be working.  I have even advanced my timing as you promised. The car even runs quieter now. I have no knock now and I just dropped to mid grade yesterday after never running anything lower than the highest octane.  Knock is a minimum only under very hard throttle at 85 or 90 mph do I hear a small ping on 89 octane.  I'll change the oil as it went black as predicted (even though I have used zmax and many other engine cleaning products in the last yr) tomorrow.  Thanks”

- Kevin - Open Road Motorcycle Inc. / Bikers Custom Cycle, Atlantic Beach, FL

“I just wanted to drop you this Email to let you know how much I've enjoying using your drop-in Fitch Fuel Catalyst product.  I initially bought one of your Fitch Fuel Catalyst (drop-in) over a year ago for my truck.  I own a 1997 Z71 4x4 with a 5.7L Vortec V8 motor.  I added an aftermarket Supercharger and found that it required >= 91 octane (or it would ping when I punched it).  As we all know, premium gas is pretty darn expensive, especially when you have a 25 gallon gas tank!  When I started searching for alternatives, I came across your web page.  I read your claims, but I was very skeptical.  Wanting additional information, I called your 800 number and talked to one of your representatives.  I explained that I had added a Supercharger to a Chevy Z71 and that I wanted to know if I would be able to run89 octane and get the performance of 93 using the Fitch Fuel Catalyst.  I bet I spoke 30 minutes with your representative asking questions.  She was able to answer each and every question that I asked.  After purchasing and adding the drop-in Fitch Fuel Catalyst to the gas tank of my Z71, the testing began.  To my amazement, I was able to run 89 octane gasoline without pings (slight ping if I went full throttle from a dead stop until it picked up speed).  I also noticed that my gas mileage increased around (1) MPG (this varies depending on how much I jump on the gas pedal).  

After seeing how well the drop-in Fitch Fuel Catalyst worked on my Z71, I have since added the drop-in Fitch Fuel Catalyst to my:

  • Wife's 1997 Town & Country Van

  • 2001 Yamaha Kodiak 401cc ATV

  • 10 HP Generator

  • Chainsaw

  • Weed-eater

  • My parent's Polaris 300cc ATV (stopped the overwhelming gassy smell from the two-cycle engine)

I just ordered two more drop-in Fitch Fuel Catalyst this past Wednesday for my new 2002 VW Beetle Turbo S and a John Deer 14 HP lawn mower. Unlike many products I've come across, your drop-in Fitch Fuel Catalyst actually performs as advertised!!!”  

- Jeff King - Raleigh, North Carolina

 “Our trip, to Canada for the grass drag snowmobile race was very successful.  Another wonderful bit of information for you is the results of our actual first ever "hands on" fuel mileage test we have conducted. One of my employees installed an inline FFC on his Pontiac Grand Am. The results were astounding!!! Mike used to get about 330 miles from a tank of gas...since the installation of the FFC his mileage increased to a whopping 410 miles to a tank of gas!!!! That is an astounding 6.3 MPG improvement! This is incredible! Admittedly, we were only interested in the gains in performance that it gave us, but after this "hands-on" test, I will now be bragging about the fuel/money savings that it results in too!

- Freddie Klies - Eastern Cycle Performance, Waterbury, CT

“As a dealer, I was asked if there would be any problem adding a fuel injection cleaner to the tank while a Fitch Fuel Catalyst was installed?  Also, since the catalyst changes the structure of the fuel, would it change the injector cleaner in a way to improve or degraded the performance of the cleaner? To date, I personally very pleased with the performance of the Fitch Fuel Catalyst.  My Wife's '99 Honda Accord (V-6) noticed a 10% increase in fuel economy.  I drive a '97 Chevy K1500 and the fuel mileage is difficult to chart with the changing driving conditions. However the added mileage between fill ups is noticeable and would probably average out in the 6-7% range. Thank you in advance for looking into the question above.  Answering perspective customer's questions up front and with complete honesty and confidence is a powerful selling position.”

- Rick Lamb Discreet Performance Omaha, NE

“I personally drive a ’93 Chevrolet Corvette 40th Anniversary edition and ride a Kawasaki Ninja ZX12R.  Both require premium high-octane fuels.  With Fitch Fuel Catalysts installed in them, I now use regular in the Corvette and mid grade in the bike.  These are high performance machines running on less than premium fuels.  The best part about it is I get 4 more miles per gallon in the Corvette and 3.5 more miles per gallon in the bike now with less expensive lower octane fuels.  That’s an increase in 24% fuel efficiency for the Corvette and 10% increase in fuel efficiency for the bike.  I save almost four dollars at the pump every time I fill up the Vette. I have now installed Fitch Fuel Catalysts in my four jet skis, three other motorcycles, two
trucks, wife’s car, chain saw, weed eater, and leaf blower.  The Fitch Fuel Catalyst consistently delivers the benefits that are claimed and I am no longer skeptic. Happy motoring”.

- Frank Campitelli - OH

“I recently purchased a Fitch Catalyst for my '94 Mazda 929 at Sir Thomas in Port Charlotte. Mazda had set the fuel requirement to Premium Unleaded only. I wanted to find out if I could lower the fuel to Unleaded Regular and save 20-25 cents a gallon. I filled the tank with the mid-range unleaded after having the catalyst installed. When I went through a tank without negative incident, I filled it up with Regular Unleaded. The car is running well on that now. I cannot tell if I am getting significantly better mileage as yet. I had not exactly tracked it before. But, I am pleased to tell you that my car with 150K plus mileage is running on regular!” 

-  Patrick McCall - Port Charlotte, FL

“I have a 1967 Olds 4-4-2 which was having some detonation problems, especially when in high gear acceleration from 30 mph.  I added octane booster with little result. Then I got the Fitch Fuel Catalyst drop-ins and dropped them in.  The car sat for two days and when I took it out again, there was no longer a detonation problem.  There was also a noticeable increase in power. I am very grateful for the product and am getting more catalysts for my wife's car and our motorcycles.”

- Roy Tuckman

“I drive a 1990 Corvette Z51 with the L98 engine.  This engine was designed to run on premium gas "only".  Fitch Fuel Catalyst claims that most engines will operate on a lower grade of gas after using their product.  My situation was a little different, I just wanted my engine to operate correctly on the grade that it was designed to use.  Today's gasoline does not work as well as the gasoline produced back when my Corvette was new. Engine ping, both irritating and destructive, was requiring that I detune the engine.  I read about Fitch Fuel Catalyst at their web site,  www.fitchfuelcatalyst.com and thought; this could be the answer.  So I
ordered the Fitch Fuel Catalyst for my Corvette Z51. When the kit arrived I was a little skeptical, the product looked so simple. The box included the catalyst product, a simple installation tool, and very detailed instructions.  The complete install took just under 10 minutes. By the time that I next filled the gas tank, I could already feel the difference.  The engine was running smoother, without hesitation or pinging.  After refilling again it was time to put Fitch Fuel Catalyst's claims to the test.  I set the engine to the factory tune-up specifications and gave it a drive.  IT WORKS!  No pinging, no vibration, with all of the power that it had when new.  Thank you Fitch Fuel Catalyst for restoring my Corvette's power!”

- Larry C. - Oceanside, CA

“The performance of my Honda is nothing short of amazing and continues to improve the performance each day I drive it.  I have never seen anything work quite as well as it was reported to perform as this little unit did.”

- Nate Pizzo

“I drove the Mercedes sedan to Nashville and back over the weekend. I added
the Fitch Fuel Catalyst to my tank a few hours before I left. On a previous trip to Perry, GA (flat terrain) two weeks earlier with just me in the car and no luggage, the 3.0 liter diesel logged 25.1 mpg.”

-Tom Shaw

 “I have been a certified mechanic for more than 25 years and have seen a lot of products come and go.  This thing really works.  I have installed at least 200 Fitch units on everything from lawn tractors to a 65 ft. pilot boat with 1271 GM Diesels.  The results have always been the same – better fuel economy, more power and less emissions.  I don’t know how it works – all I know is that is it does and I would recommend the Fitch catalyst to anyone.”

- D & S Auto Repair, Doug Sneller

“I am pleased to send you a report on the Fitch Fuel Catalyst that I have been using to pre-treat the methanol fuel used in my race car.  Since using the treated fuel, it has been obvious that the engine has a lot more power coming out of the turns, so much that it has been necessary to change chassis setup and gear ratios to suite.  Also, the engine sounds much smoother at idle and at speed.  I guess with this sort of advantage over the better funded teams it would be better kept quiet, but thanks anyway Wayne and I would not hesitate to recommend the Fitch Fuel Catalyst.”

- Davidson Racing

“I purchased a Fitch Fuel Catalyst in line unit for my 1999 Ford Expedition.  The main reason I wanted this unit is because of the claims made for improved fuel economy.  Being that my job has me on the road usually 40,000 miles per year, gas is money so if I can improve my mileage, the product is worth the investment. I have had the Fitch Fuel Catalyst installed for about 6 months and I have seen my fuel mileage go from 14.8 mpg to 16.4 mpg.  Not only did I see an improvement in mileage but an obvious increase in acceleration.  At my last service appointment, my local mechanic mentioned that my spark plugs were much cleaner and the oil was not as dark as previously.  Thanks Fitch Fuel Catalyst.”

- Ralph Hansen - NH

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